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The users may remember the earlier days when Facebook was not much popular among users, whereas now, it is the prime source of getting in reach with the consumers. To chat, to gossip, to share, to send anything, it is the supreme way to get in contact with all around the world. By knowing that it is the popular social networking website which is featured everywhere. Time to time, new features get introduced in the Facebook which keeps the users fascinated towards it more and more.

At the present time, the users who were not in touch with Facebook are making their accounts to contact anywhere in the globe. Whatever difficulties come in, users can simply ask for Facebook account recovery as we will directly provide the help. While using it, many times we face the intricacy which can be undertaken by the support service team as they are always ready to assist. Our whole team keeps a check on everything and keep on looking for the solutions of the problems.

No matter where and what the issue is, Facebook support team will definitely guide the users. We will help in Facebook password recovery, forgot Facebook password and many other services. Our facilities and assistance are on the top levels and we will keep our users happy all the time.

As users use the Facebook through mobile phone, laptop, computer, so, the problem can be faced anytime and anywhere. Facebook Customer service does not let the users wait for anything and help them as early as possible. Any issue of Facebook is handled just to make your service go easy and effortless. We even guide our users on:

  • How to begin with Facebook?
  • How to create an account?
  • What are the features available through it?
  • How to reset Facebook password?
  • How to set schedule and work?
  • How to create a page?
  • How to make payments?

It is just a glimpse out of all the services which we bestow. Even if someone’s Facebook is blocked, we initiate our help in unblocking Facebook. Everything is provided by our great team just the users have to be alert that what is going on with their Facebook and how to keep it safe.

We are the fastest yet the most convenient for your Facebook. All the required details of phone number, email, everything is provided properly through our site. It is important in order to get in touch with the team quickly.

We have ample of ways to help our users to get the Facebook help among which they can choose the convenient one. We assure our consumers that nothing can surpass our service as we keep our hands in all kinds of Facebook problems’ help. The user has to dial the number and reach our support team; we will check the detail of account and will offer the best solution.

Keep on using the Facebook and whenever you face the difficulty, just reach us amid 24*7 anytime and we will give our best help to the users.

Facebook Tech Support Features

  • Instant Facebook Support
  • 24x7 Facebook Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Facebook Password Recovery
  • Facebook Account Recovery
  • Retrieve Hacked Facebook Account

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Facebook Customer Service


  • I really thankful to Facebook customer service as they recovered all my deleted Facebook account which were deleted by mistake.

    4.5 - 5 Facebook Customer service

    July 1, 2017

  • Got a great tech support on the given support phone number for Facebook. The technician was very polite, supportive and expert in their field.

    4.0 - 5 Facebook Customer Care

    May 28, 2017

  • I recommend this third party Facebook tech support team as I am fully satisfied with their work at Very affordable prices.

    4.3 - 5 Facebook Help

    April 10, 2017

Facebook Customer Service Phone Number (407) 965-2136 Available For

Staying Safe

We are working for the safety of the global community. We are providing help to keep your account secure and privacy protected. If you are facing any problem in using Your Facebook account, you can contact us for immediate help.

Change Account settings

If you see something that is not right, and you want to change your preference settings. You can contact us our expert team for Facebook customer service. Our Facebook support team will do all the required settings in your Facebook account.

Facebook Password Issues

If you have any problems with your Facebook account like forgot Facebook password, reset Facebook password, unable to login Facebook account. We are here to resolve all your problems. We are working 24X7. Dial 1 407 965 2136 for affordable help.

24/7 Facebook Care

Our Dedicated technicians are working to resolve all the glitches either it is your personal are professional. We have an individual team to resolve the issues of your business promotion profile like Facebook fan page or ads account.

Some Other Technical Issues Solved By Facebook Tech Support Team

  • Facebook password issues
  • Facebook hacked account recovery
  • How to change Facebook recovery email account
  • Enable –Use two-factor authentication
  • Solving issues related to Timeline
  • Solving issues related Tagging and Review
  • Change Notification settings
  • Public Post Filters and Tools settings
  • Facebook Fan page creation and management services
  • Setting up your advert preferences
  • Guides for Advertisers
  • Troubleshooting Your Ads

Quick Solution of Some Facebook Technical Issues

Recover old account

How do I remove or recover an old account I can't log into?

To report an old Facebook account or get help to recover it:

  1. Click click herein the top right corner of the Facebook account's profile
  2. Press Report/Block option.
  3. Select “This is my old profile”, and then choose an option:
    • If you choose “Recover this Facebook account, it's hacked”, you'll be logged out automatically of your current Facebook account and follow the steps to recover your hacked Facebook account.
    • If you select “Close this Facebook account”, the profile will be reviewed and deactivated after the verification that it's your old Facebook account

Note:You can only use the “This is my old profile” option if you don’t have the friends with your Facebook account. If you're friends with your old Facebook account, you'll need to unfriend it first.

Block an Email

Where can I find my settings ?

To find your Facebook account settings, click in the top right corner of your device screen and select Facebook Settings. From here, you can choose the option in the left sidebar that contains the Facebook settings you want to adjust:

  1. General:Edit the basics settings like your user name, email address or Facebook account password.
  2. Security:Turn On or Off alerts and approvals to keep your Facebook account more secure.
  3. Privacy:You can adjust, who can see your data (stuffs) and who can look you up.
  4. Timeline and Tagging:You can change settings, who can see your timeline and how to manage image tagging.
  5. Blocking:Blocking option allows you to manage who and what you block.
  6. Language:By using language option you can choose the language that you want to use for Facebook account.
Facebook Settings